Highlights of SPOT Festival ’15: Fay Wildhagen (NO)

She’s young.. and amazing! Only in her early twenties her songs and stage performance already stunned me. In a good sense naturally. I had seen her for the first time during by:Larm ’15 in Oslo around 1:30am. Due to an earlier powerloss just before her actual sceduled performance it had to be postponed but it probably had a positive effect on her as she was the queen of the night.

At SPOT festival she had to start her performance early, 6:45pm. I had not listened to her music since Oslo but she was the star of her own show right from the start. Fully concentrated, frowning, smiling, singing.. she was great! Even though she had to restart one of her songs three times due to an out-of-tune guitar she got away with it. “I just got a new guitar-technician” she said while figgling and retuning the guitar herself. Surely she could also have chosen to skip her guitar-parts but as a dedicated professional she dared to do it without actually annoying the crowd. Right up till the last note the crowd got what they came for. One of the best Norwegian Alternativ-pop singer-songwriters!

May 4th ’15 she released her latest single: ‘Lionheart’. Unforrtunately not yet available on e.g. iTunes outside of Norway.

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