Highlights of SPOT Festival ’15: Arsenal (BE) ft. Lydmor (DK)

Following Danish electropop songstress Lydmor for the last few years at festivals in The Netherlands and at previous editions of SPOT festival at one time I came across her guest-appearance with the Belgian Arsenal. Ironically all concerts were, if I recall correctly, in Belgium. I forgot all about it until I met Jenny (Lydmor) again at SPOT this year and dared me to take pictures of their performance.

Completely unaware of what to expect I went to their gig. Big screen, bright city lights from behind the screen with some antler-headed men spotlit and Lydmor just in front of the screen. The performance started off with ‘Temul’ which turned out to be the opening track for the movie “DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!”. A movie about the prohibition to dance in Japanese dance-clubs after the tsunami.  One peticular girl really wants to dance and buys special “dancing fish”-pills. After trying them out on a fish that starts to dance in it’s bowl hearing music she goes out with her friends who get high on the pills but like the drugged fish eventually die without the girl noticing. Dancing is indeed dangerous.. Naturally there is more to the film and the shown swimming girl on the picture below as well as the antlers which appeared in the intro turn out to be an important part of the story. The whole concept of a live-band playing at the movies is pretty old but during this movie it actually takes the whole experience to a higher level. While the band takes over and the dialogue halts for a moment Arsenal shimmers through the screen and it gets pretty hard to just sit back and relax. You really want to Dance Dance Dance!

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