Highlights of SPOT Festival 2015: Rangleklods (DK)

Previously a one man project from Danishman Esben he turned Rangleklods into a duo with his girl Pernille. Matching Rangleklods tattoos but their hairdo might be surprising. Was Esben previously a short haired guy and Pernille a long(er) haired lady they switched their image. Now you might consider Rangleklods as the surfdude & the tomboy. But naturally it’s all about the music! They just made a new record and what better way to give it hell of a release-like-performance-party during SPOT on the big stage of SCC. Apart from ‘Young and Dumb’ they played almost exclusively their latest material. Versatile songs with alternating vocals by Esben and Pernille. Me nor the crowd up front could discover any flaws in their set apart from the poor lighting. The music however was rich, grown-up and far from dumb.

Their 2nd record ‘Straitjacket’ will be released may 18th 2015 and will be accompanied by an extended European tour starting may 7th in Zurich.

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