Highlights of SPOT Festival 2015: The Entrepreneurs (DK)

Being signed by the recordlabel ‘Like a Can of Beans Records’ of my favorite (female) Danish band Nelson Can this new band had to be good. It also buzzed  around “go see The Entrepreneurs”! In the 3 days of music at the festival (including the labelnight preceding the actual festival) they played 4 times of which I was able to attend two.

Walking into the crowded venue RADAR the first impression was: this sounds like The Killers! Fortunately they had more tricks up their sleeve and the stigma Killers-a-like was swept away as soon as they played their next song(s). Impressive stuff from just some Danish guys. They really deserve a big breakthrough and the chance of outclass their labelowners is likely. Sorry girls, but I still love you(r music) too!

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