Album: Few More Days To Go,.. Fufanu.

The first time I read the title of the debutalbum of Icelandic band Fufanu  I thought: Nice! Just a few more days before the release and I can finally listen to the long awaited album of this infamous, yet young band. Then I noticed it was the albumtitle and not an announcement of  the release. Well it was, but I had to wait another 2 months.

My fascination for this formerly techno-duo Captain Fufanu started at Iceland Airwaves 2014 when it buzzed around “Fufanu” was one of the new Icelandic bands which were on the verge of an international breakthrough. In just 1 year they completely changed their music and image from techno to post-punk-like. Their first gig at Airwaves apparently was disastrous due technical failures.. So I was in luck, seeing them the next gig. Not really knowing what to expect I was overblown by their live-performance. Energetic, sounding a bit eighties yet fresh. The next few times I saw them they didn’t disappoint at all!

But then in the spring of 2015 they released their first EP.. without their epic single Circus Life. The songs included were okay, but the musical experience was less as it sounded like a faint ghost of the band I’d seen live. Were it the songs? The production? The high expectations? The only way to find out was to wait for their debutalbum, to be released on november 27th.

However, I was in luck! As Fufanu was gonna play at Iceland Airwaves (2015) again the Icelandic release was silently during the festival. Listening to it over and over again I can only say: Amazing! This is the Fufanu I know. The one I want to see live! And will go see live again when I get the possibility.


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